Family Guy: 10 Most Controversial Moments

9. Prom Night Dumpster Baby

Family Guy Partial Terms Of Endearment

This cutaway is one of the most iconic in all of Family Guy. The ballad of this lonely child abandoned at the prom is sure to get your feet tapping, and you'll be singing it over and over again for days. But, while it doesn't seem too awful on the surface, it's the real-life counterpart it's mocking that pushes this one over the line.

The scene - from the episode "Airline 07" - shows us a girl dumping a baby in the trash before jumping back into prom. Afterwards, the newborn arises and sings a song amongst other abandoned kiddies, all while twirling their umbilical cords and harmonising.

Naturally, it's pretty vulgar on paper, but nothing too horrifying. Still, that changes when you find out that this was based on the real-life case of Melissa Drexler, who gave birth during her prom and put the baby in a trashcan, inevitably leading to its death.

Sure, it's catchy and funny, but it's no surprise people were up in arms about this song and dance.

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