10 MMA Moments Seconds Before Disaster

These moments preceded some of the most memorable sequences in the history of MMA.


One of the reasons Mixed Martial Arts is so beloved worldwide is its unpredictability. By offering a variety of ways for a fight to be finished, momentum can change in an instant, and the difference between glory and failure can be as little as a few inches.

Add to that the fact that it takes a special kind of person to be capable of stripping down half-naked and competing in a combat sport in front of millions of viewers around the world where they could be completely outclassed and embarrassed in front of their friends and family, and you have a sport where the potential for breathtaking moments completely out of the blue is everpresent.

Whether it be an unexpected knockout, last-minute submission, or terrible judges decision, it's a common occurrence as an MMA fan to see events come way out of left field, and that's only accounting for action taking place inside the cage.

Though most MMA fans are well versed in expecting the unexpected, few could have imagined exactly what was about to take place following these events at the highest levels of the sport.

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