10 Insane Wrestling Stories Nobody Ever Talks About

5. Vince Russo: Total Nonstop Dumbass

Move Over Undertaker

In which Vince Russo swerved...


This outrageously dumb move poetically ended a career based primarily on subverting expectations, often for the sole, totally counterproductive purpose of mystifying his audience. That career had in fact already ended, because Spike TV, absolutely sick of his sh*t, forcefully removed him from his position as TNA head booker in 2012.

Swerve, bro - he was in cahoots with Dixie Carter! It was a set-up all along!

Yes, incredibly, Dixie Carter willingly drank poison from a bottle marked 'POISON - DO NOT DRINK'. This bottle, drank by a businesswoman, was marked 'POISON - DO NOT DRINK' by the company that provided her company with its most vital stream of revenue. So this was even more dumb than it may initially read: if Carter was marooned on a desert island, and was faced with the option to drink either A) water, or B) poison, she'd drink poison.

Russo outed this clandestine agreement by copying a wrestling reporter, Mike Johnson, into an email intended for commentator Mike Tenay lol. Before admitting the jig was up, he, yes, claimed to have swerved the dirt sheets.


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