10 Times Vince McMahon HATED What He Was Seeing

That was the sh*ts, pal.

Picture the scene.

Some lucky wrestling fanatic is on a million dollar quiz show, and they're one tiny question away from the big prize. Suddenly, it flashes up: "How would one please Vincent Kennedy McMahon?". That's it, game over and the quiz is buggered. Answering that is akin to cracking the Da Vinci Code when drunk.

McMahon is notorious for acting on whims and infuriating frustrated workers by expecting different things day-to-day. There are countless tales of this from WWE history, and they've delighted curious fans for generations. This article features ten such stories about times Vinnie Mac positively hated what was he was seeing from his superstars and staff.

The boss isn't one for hiding his true thoughts even when they might distress, and he's a curious soul who switches tactics more often than Pep Guardiola during a crunch Man City match. If you don't quite get that reference, then just know that Vince is hard to please, demands a ton and isn't shy about cancelling plans if one minor thing throws his trust off.

How would one please Vince McMahon? Don't ask these guys...


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