10 Wrestlers Who Are Almost Unrecognisable Since They Retired

Some of yesterday's most familiar faces are no longer quite so familiar.


Wrestling is one of the most outlandish professions in the entertainment industry. With overblown physiques, wacky costumes and larger than life characters aplenty, the cast of characters backstage at any one time could rival any circus the world over.

However, when the spotlight dims and a performer leaves the business, naturally the eccentric aesthetics diminish and stars often revert back to their civilian appearances. Whether they played clowns, garbage men or mastodons, life outside the wrestling business doesn’t really necessitate the need for fancy costumes, masks and face paint.

As such, the vibrant presentations we see on TV rarely carry over past retirement. Many wrestlers look a lot different when they transition into life after wrestling. While some superstars simply lose the muscularity of their heyday, others simply look a little older as time marches on. In some cases, superstars become almost unrecognisable once they step out of the squared circle.

From champions to legends and everything in between, there are countless former wrestlers that you would most likely pass right by in the street, without even a second glance.

So keep your eyes peeled as we run down some of the most dramatic aesthetic transformations of yesterday’s wrestling superheroes...

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