10 Wrestling Storylines Totally Ripped Off From Movies

4. Sting Effectively Emulates The Crow

In 1996, fans were treated to an almighty change in the appearance of Sting. Once sporting bleach-blonde hair and colourful tights, the man suddenly morphed into a darker figure, one which seemed to be almost a wrestling equivalent of Brandon Lee's character in The Crow. If they seemed similar, it's because Steve Borden directly used the movie to influence his career, knowing such a persona would work nicely in his favour. WCW had changed since Hulk Hogan turned his back on the company and formed the nWo with the incoming Kevin Nash and Scott Hall, so it made perfect sense for Sting to try and turn the table on his rivals by adopting some serious mind games. Acting as a quiet vigilante watching from the rafters, the story of Sting stalking the nWo is very similar to the story of Lee's character, Eric Draven in The Crow. As Draven, Lee is wronged by a street gang, and decides to silently track each and every one of them down to get to the ring leader. In WCW, Sting was using his persona to scare the rest of the nWo, paving the way to Hollywood Hogan, the man who was behind it all.

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