10 WWE Attitude Era Moments You Totally Don't Remember

Austin Vs. McMahon was great. Beyond that, the Attitude Era was even more vile than you remember...

Freddie Blassie Attitude

You remember the Attitude Era well, don't you?

Of course you do. WWE has spent more time doing retrospectives on the f*cking thing than creating new content in the 21st century.

You remember that time Steve Austin gave the Corporation a beer bath. You remember that time Austin hit Mr. McMahon over the head with a bedpan. You remember that time Jerry Lawler's eyes bulged out of his head like the cartoon dog he is at the sight of Sable's heavyweight, hand-printed breasts. You remember that time the Undertaker was absolutely sh*te for three and a half years.

You remember that time Bubba Ray Dudley hit Mae Young with a powerbomb off the stage and wore an expression of orgasmic delight having, by virtue of almost killing an octogenarian, achieved the "heat, bro" equivalent of pro wrestling nirvana. You remember the time the Mr. McMahon revealed himself as the Higher Power, in a plot development that made no sense whatsoever. You remember that time DX invaded WCW on a tank, even though it wasn't a tank but is revised as such because it makes for a bigger, harder and more veiny penis extension.

You probably don't remember...

10. The Forgotten Vince Russo Gimmick Match

Freddie Blassie Attitude
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The old wrestling adage - "If the wrestler name looks weird on the WrestleMania marquee, then it's probably sh*t" - can be applied to a long-forgotten and clinically braindead Vince Russo stipulation.

Think of WWE "gimmick" pay-per-views. They're not universally beloved or anything, but the event names are still cool/marketable and don't read as very stupid.


WWE Hell In A Cell.

WWE Cast?!

That makes WWE Fatal 4-Way seem as cool as WWE No Ropes Exploding Barbed Wire Double Hell Death, and it never crossed Vince Russo's mind that it was incredibly stupid. Of course it didn't.

Wildly, this wasn't some brain-wormed one-off midcard experiment; it took place between two of the biggest stars of WWE's hottest period ever in The Rock and Triple H on June 7, 1999.

In retaliation for injuring Mankind, Triple H - the heel - was forced to wear a cast by Mr. McMahon, who played babyface at the time (before naturally swerve-turning later that very night). He could barely move as Rock, his arm in a cast, was able, as the babyface, to use it as a weapon.

Match went two minutes before the Undertaker interfered.

The Attitude Era was mostly terrible.

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