13 Things We Learned From Finn Balor On Talk Is Jericho

11. Hazing At The Dojo

The two then get into a discussion regarding the experience rookies must go through when training for the business, with Japan being especially notorious for the grueling initiation their "young boys" endure. Balor says that he had to wake up at 7:30 AM, clean the toilets and the ring, clean the streets and hose down all the cat urine, prepare food for everyone and wash the veteran wrestlers. Yes, he said he had to wash the other wrestlers. "It's kinda like a hazing, I guess." You think? Jericho then alludes to the allegations made toward Bill DeMott and talks about how these actions aren't meant to humiliate the workers but to teach them the required discipline one needs to make it as a pro wrestler. He says that he had to endure similar trials in Calgary. The two then discuss some of the hardcore training methods they had to do, such as thousands of hack squats per day, climbing ropes repeatedly using only their hands, etc.
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