13 Things We Learned From Finn Balor On Talk Is Jericho

9. Wearing A Lighted Jacket

Jericho says he has a bone to pick with Finn and asks him about the light-up jacket that he wore while in New Japan, which was obviously very similar to the one Chris was sporting in WWE. Balor says the idea came when he turned heel after six years of working babyface, NJPW booker Gedo came to him and suggested they do a character similar to Jeff Jarrett with the light-up glasses, but with a jacket instead. He says that he wasn't aware that Jericho was wearing one because they couldn't get WWE on TV over there, and both men concede they don't know who had their jacket first. Balor's jacket was given to him from a sponsorship he had secured with Armani Exchange, and had the lights added to it. He said that his was triggered via remote control that he had to keep in his pocket, and there were times when it wouldn't work properly. Jericho adds that he gets more stressed out about making sure his jacket works than he does his actual matches. Finn agrees and said there was a time when he didn't wear it because it started smoking, and mentions that New Japan paid a hefty sum for his jacket. Chris talks about how he has three different ones and they're always in a constant state of repair, and tells a story about how he had to get Bray Wyatt to cut a promo on a fan so he could run to the ring for the save to excuse the fact that he didn't have the jacket for his entrance. Balor reveals that the jacket has been retired in Japan and was told by Gedo he'd keep it for him until he came back.
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