6 Wrestling Finishers That Were Discovered By Accident

God bless tight leather pants...

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It's up for debate what makes a good wrestling finisher.

Individual fans will have their own favourites, and why they like certain moves is subjective. In spite of that choice, most would generally agree that Steve Austin's Stunner, Randy Orton's RKO and Shawn Michaels' Sweet Chin Music are among the best ever.

Those all share one thing in common: they're sudden, meaning the wrestler using them can perform the finish quickly. That's a good thing, but it's not the law. Other moves have more elaborate set-ups, like Hulk Hogan's posing before his Leg Drop (Of Doom), The Undertaker signalling the end pre-Tombstone Piledriver or Bret Hart's multi-move sequence before locking in The Sharpshooter.

Every single finisher above also has something else linking them. They were originally performed on purpose.The moves listed here weren't, and in fact only happened by complete accident. Sometimes, they weren't even created by the stars who most famously used them, either, which is fascinating.

To quasi-mimic the article's sub-heading, God bless tight leather trousers, sweaty or oiled-up bodies and house show pranking for giving us some of the scene's best match-enders...

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