8 WWE Survivor Series Statistics You Need To Know

The numbers that will blow you away!

On Sunday, WWE will hold the 28th annual Survivor Series PPV, the company€™s second-longest running special behind only WrestleMania. Referred to in the early years as the Thanksgiving Tradition, Survivor Series took place on Thanksgiving Day in its first four years, then on Thanksgiving Eve for the next four years. While Survivor Series has been exceeded by Royal Rumble and even to a lesser extent Money in the Bank as significant PPVs, it still is one of the Big Four and thus continues to garner a fair amount of attention from longtime fans. The event is centred around the traditional Survivor Series matches, usually a 5-on-5 or 4-on-4 elimination match, with each side having some loose affiliation and reason for feuding with the other camp. This year€™s incarnation is no different, with the battle lines being drawn between Team Authority and Team Cena, and some wrestlers lining up based on opposition to someone on the other side (Mark Henry and Big Show, Sheamus and Rusev). As one of WWE€™s oldest and most unique events, it seems like there€™s a missed opportunity to play up the history of the event by tying in some of the more interesting facts and statistics about the dozens of Survivor Series elimination matches that have occurred. WWE does this to great effect every year with the Royal Rumble, so why not with this event? Who has eliminated the most wrestlers through the years? Has anyone ever run the table and eliminated an entire team? (It has happened, but not by someone that anyone would suspect.) Let€™s break down the Survivor Series elimination matches and the hundreds of different wrestlers who have competed in them.
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