8 WWE Wrestlers Vince McMahon Refused To Turn Heel

7. Rey Mysterio

Back in 2012, there was debate in WWE of turning Rey Mysterio heel. The one and the same Rey Mysterio who had carved a career for himself as being the lovable underdog babyface act whose in-ring style is a breathtaking joy to watch.

Thankfully, the call was made by decision makers - as in, ultimately Vince McMahon - to pull back on this heel turn because, well, frankly it was a completely stupid idea in the first place.

The logic behind this potential turn for Rey Rey was that it would allow Mysterio to embark on a feud with Sin Cara. By this point, Sin Cara was coming off the back of a disappointing first year with WWE that was blotted by botches and injuries for the former Mistico.

Given how much stock WWE - and Triple H, in particular - had put into Sin Cara, logic would suggest that pairing him opposite Rey Mysterio would be one way to get Sin Cara back on track. After all, if anybody could match-up stylistically with Sin Cara, it was Rey. As such, the idea was floated of having Mysterio team with Sin Cara, before then turning on his partner in order to trigger this rivalry.

The heel turn of Rey Mysterio was thankfully nixed, and instead Rey and Sin Cara would continue to sporadically team together through until Cara was released from his WWE contract in early 2014.


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