Another WWE Draft Expected To Take Place Soon

WWE Wrestlers expect more roster switches in the not too distant future.

WWE Draft

Another WWE Draft is expected to go down in the not too distant future.

This is according to a recent report from Fightful Select stating that stars within the company believe that a shake-up and more roster moves are incoming in the form of a 2022 Draft.

It's worth noting that a number of Raw talents are scheduled to be appearing on the post-Clash at the Castle SmackDown on September 9, with some blue brand stars also being lined up for showings on the red show on both September 5 and 12.


Obviously, news of performers from opposite brands popping up on their rival TV show more frequently has led to internal speculation that said potential Draft could come to pass not long after the already noted Clash of Castle PPV on September 3. Though it must be said that talents are still yet to receive full confirmation of the Draft being a certainty.

However, developments such as the apparent re-packaging of stars being said to be more likely to go down following on from the post-Clash TV tapings, according to WWE creative writers, have definitely added more fuel to the fire of a potential Draft very much heading Raw and SmackDown's way soon.


While also not officially confirmed, T-Bar and Max Dupri are said to be just a few of the star's in line for a re-package.

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