Former WWE NXT Champion Teases Signing With AEW - Wants PAC Match!

Could this one-time NXT Champion become #AllElite?

Bo Dallas

Having recently guaranteed that he'll be back in a wrestling ring in the next few months, could Bo Dallas' in-ring return be within the confines of All Elite Wrestling?

Speaking at the For the Love of Wrestling convention - as picked up on by Ringside News - that's taking place in Liverpool, England this weekend, the real-life Taylor Rotunda was asked bout the possibility of signing with AEW. In response to that, Rotunda stated how he'd love to face off once more with PAC.

As Bo Dallas and Adrian Neville, these two had a fantastic rivalry during the early days of the NXT brand. Bo became the third person in history to hold the NXT Championship, dethroning Big E and embarking on a 260-day reign Bo-lievin' at the top of the black and gold brand. Of course, it would be Neville who would eventually bring that reign to an end, toppling Dallas in a ladder match at NXT Arrival.


Not just was NXT Arrival the first ever NXT special and featured the brand's first ever ladder match, it also holds the honour of being the first live production to air on the WWE Network.

The jump to the WWE main roster didn't work out particularly well for either Dallas or Neville. Both have obviously departed Vince McMahon's sports entertainment giant, and PAC became one of the first names signed by AEW in early 2019.


Whether we get to see this rivalry revisited in AEW, that remains to be seen.

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