This WWE Star Pitched To Be Brock Lesnar's Little Sister

A WWE Hall Of Famer says she originally pitched to be Brock Lesnar's storyline sibling.

Beth Phoenix Royal Rumble 2010

Beth Phoenix has revealed that she once pitched to play the role of Brock Lesnar's little sister on WWE TV.

The Hall Of Famer posted this revelation on her Twitter account, and said she approached WWE lieutenant Michael Hayes about the "detailed storyline" during one of her first tryouts as a company extra. Obviously, the company didn't go through with it in the end.

Beth joked that she had "zero chill" about the situation - she really fancied playing Brock's lil' sis, and likely thought the gimmick would gain her instant recognition. Phoenix probably isn't wrong there. Being cast as Lesnar's sibling back in 2003-2004 would've helped Beth make quite the splash.


She'd have definitely stood out from the rest of the then-Divas division, that's for sure.

It'd be fun to find out what Vince McMahon's initial reaction to the pitch was. The WWE boss has had some wild ideas himself, so Beth's quirky plan couldn't have shocked him too much. Presumably, Hayes brought it to McMahon's attention before the promotion scrapped it and moved on.


Phoenix went to OVW instead, then got called up to the main roster in 2006.

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