Triple H Reportedly "A Fan" Of This Underrated WWE Star

This wrestler says he has a "pretty open" working relationship with WWE chief Triple H.

Ricochet WWE Promo

Ricochet has told Stephanie Chase on YouTube that he has a positive working relationship with Triple H.

'The Game' has been keen on Ricochet since his days on the NXT roster, and that hasn't changed now he's on SmackDown. In fact, Rico says Hunter "has always been a pretty decent fan of mine", and knows he "appreciates" what he's capable of in-ring.

Trips is reportedly a fan of Ricochet's high-flying style, and knows he can work with anyone on the roster to produce a worthwhile match. The flyer's words ring true; since Triple H took control of creative, Ricochet has featured more regularly on TV and even won WWE's 'SmackDown World Cup' in early-December.


It has always seemed like WWE management used Rico's lack of promo skills against him in the past. Fans grew frustrated with that online, because it's clear that Ricochet's dazzling abilities between the ropes should always have a place on programming.

Ricochet told Chase that he's always felt comfortable approaching Hunter with his ideas, and described the line of communication to his boss as "pretty open" overall. That's something he enjoys.

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