Unlikely Wrestler Breaks Longstanding WWE Record On SmackDown

WWE decided to shatter an old record on the latest episode of SmackDown.

Aliyah officially managed to break a longstanding WWE record on Friday's episode of SmackDown.

The bubbly babyface pinned Natalya in a reported "3.17 seconds". That, if you're wondering, shattered the previous record held by Trish Stratus - she'd won a match in just 3.8 seconds years ago.

Nattie had vowed to write her name into the Guinness Book Of World Records yet again by beating Aliyah ASAP. The Canadian, who has won the most matches of any women in WWE history, worked the most pay-per-view bouts and had the most matches in general, attacked Aliyah before the bell to set up the skit.


Then, of course, Natalya got some egg on her face when Aliyah rolled her up for the hasty win. It's worth noting that the referee counted rather quickly for the finish; he probably had no choice, to be fair. WWE wanted this business done fast.

It remains to be seen whether or not this will lead to anything worthwhile for Aliyah. She's been spinning her wheels since moving from NXT to SmackDown in the 2021 Draft, so it'd be nice to see her get some momentum.

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