Update On Cody Rhodes' Health After AEW Flaming Table Bump

How is Cody Rhodes doing after he and Andrade went through a flaming Dynamite table?

Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes was on fire during this week's episode of AEW Dynamite. Literally.

The former TNT Champion's Atlanta Street Fight main event concluded with his wife, Brandi, setting a table on fire, allowing him to reverse DDT Andrade El Idolo through the blaze for the win. Rhodes ended up taking the brunt of the fiery impact, even briefly catching fire as he crawled away from the wreckage and pinned his opponent.

AEW released a couple of images of Rhodes' back looking pretty messed up after the show. Fortunately, however, it sounds like he's doing okay.


PWInsider's Mike Johnson and Paul Jordan report that while Cody was treated for burns after taking the bump, the outlet hadn't heard of him going to the hospital for further treatment. The black marks visible on the post-match images are likely pieces of table that stayed stuck to him after coming down on the fire.

Rhodes wrestled the match with some kind of residue on his back, perhaps to protect him from the flames to come. This was pointed out by the commentary, with Taz suggesting, humorously, that the trash can Rhodes had just gone through may have contained a tub of glue.

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