Vince McMahon, Triple H & Other Top WWE Executive Salaries Revealed

Here's how much Vince, Stephanie, Triple H and co. made in 2020.

Vince McMahon Stephanie McMahon Triple H Money

A new proxy statement released in compliance with SEC regulations has revealed a number of new financial details ahead of WWE's annual shareholder meeting, which takes place on 27 May.

Included in the statement are details on how much money several of WWE's top executives were compensated with in 2020, including the man at the top of the pile, Vince McMahon.

The Chairman and CEO brought home a total of over $3.9 million last year. This was comprised of $1.4 million in base salary, $1.64 million in stock awards, $854,000 in incentives and $20,583 in other compensations.


Paul 'Triple H' Levesque brought home over $2.38 million, from $724,115 in base salary, $464,778 in stock awards, $222,650 in incentives, and $906,737 in other compensations (his performance/merch contract).

Elsewhere, Stephanie McMahon made around $2.2 million from a $724,115 base, $464,778 stock, $222,650 in incentives, and $775,723 in other compensation (again, her performance/merch contract).


President and Chief Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan earned $13 million, which included a $5 million sign-on bonus. and $6.8 million in stock awards. His base salary sat at $498,462.

Shane McMahon, meanwhile, has a performer's contract paying a minimum of $820,369.

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