WWE: 19 Former Wrestlers Who Had Salaries You Won't Believe

1. Hulk Hogan, $10 Million Per A Year In 1980's WWF

Hulk Hogan has stated in his autobiography and other interviews that he was making $10 million per a year in his Hulkamania peak. Now, this is Hulk talking, so take that for what it's worth! However, it probably is fair to say his earnings may have been in that region. Austin made up to twelve million in his peak, so it is reasonable to suggest that Hogan may have hit ten million when he was the man in 87 - 89. This was a guy who was so big that the WWF was basically built upon him. It wasn't just drawing for events, he was also fronting a ton of merchandise and commercial opportunities. He was on well over a million in his WCW years and commanded a relative package when returning to the WWE in 2000's. Based on what he achieved in the 80's and his mainstream fame, Hogan has always been able to demand the very highest of pay days.
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