WWE Teasing New SmackDown Stable?

This trio might be set to form a full-time faction after events on SmackDown.

Pretty Deadly Sheamus Austin Theory

WWE might be teasing a union between Austin Theory and main roster newcomers Pretty Deadly after events on the 'go home' episode of SmackDown before Night Of Champions.

The former NXT tag-team helped Theory retain his United States Title against Sheamus, and it's safe to assume some six-man tags also involving Butch and Ridge Holland will be incoming on TV soon.


WWE hasn't gone so far as to have Theory and Pretty Deadly talk about buddying up, but creative has been dropping hints for a few weeks now. At this point, it'd be a surprise if the trio didn't do something together, although it remains to be seen if they'll be a short-term concern or not.

Watch this space.


Aligning with a champion like Austin could be great for Pretty Deadly. The heel duo have been earning rave reviews behind the scenes for their work, which is why they were promoted to the main roster as part of WWE's 2023 Draft.

Working alongside Theory could be the next step for them then. It'd also give the US Champ some regular backup against Sheamus and his Brawling Brutes.


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