WWE's AJ Styles Names His Surprising Wrestling 'Mount Rushmore'

Some BIG names miss out...

AJ Styles revealed his own personal pro wrestling 'Mount Rushmore' during an interview with The Sun, and his choices might surprise some hardcore fans.

The current WWE Intercontinental Champion named Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Lou Thesz and André The Giant as his core picks. When asked to name some back-ups, Styles said Jake Roberts, Randy Savage and Vince McMahon himself would be on the shortlist.

There was no mention of greats like Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels or AJ's WrestleMania 36 opponent The Undertaker. That last one, in particular, will come as a shock to many.


In fairness, Styles did point out that only choosing four names to put on the list is difficult.

"There’s so many things about wrestling that made up these moments that you remember, but who are the ones that changed it forever?", he asked.


What do you think of AJ's choices? Hogan and Flair routinely pop up when wrestlers are asked this sort of thing, but André and former NWA great Thesz wouldn't have been on most fan betting slips if they were tasked with predicting Styles' own 'Mount Rushmore'.

Also, where's James Ellsworth? Only joking.

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