Christian Bone

Isle of Wight, United Kingdom

As well as being a writer for Whatculture, Christian is a time-travelling detective with a superhero alter ego who possesses magic powers. He is also a liar.

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10 Disney Villains You Actually Root For

The Disney villains you love to... well, love.

23 Jun 2015 Christian Bone

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25 Greatest Ever James Bond Villains

Christoph Waltz has a lot to live up to...

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10 Greatest Superhero Movie Themes Of All Time

With great power comes great music.

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The Simpsons: 20 Best Itchy And Scratchy Moments

They fight, they bite, they bite and fight and bite...

7 May 2015 Christian Bone

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Doctor Who: 10 More Things You Never Knew About Peter Capaldi

Some facts to fill your pudding brain.

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17 Doctor Who Actors Who Appeared in Marvel Films

Those actors who used the TARDIS/the Bifrost bridge to traverse universes...

8 Apr 2015 Christian Bone

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30 Greatest Doctor Who Episodes Of The Revived Series

The greatest adventures in all of time and space.

26 Mar 2015 Christian Bone

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18 Best Buffy Episodes To Celebrate Her 18th Birthday

Happy birthday, Vampire Slayer.

10 Mar 2015 Christian Bone

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Doctor Who: 8 Characters Who Should Return in Series 9

It's not all about Missy, you know.

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20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Never Knew About James Bond

Think you know who the first cinematic James Bond was? Think again...

16 Feb 2015 Christian Bone

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20 Mind-Blowing Facts You Didn't Know About Buffy The Vampire Slayer

A little something to truly slay you.

7 Feb 2015 Christian Bone

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10 Best Doctor Who Male Companions Of All Time

Here come the boys.

8 Jan 2015 Christian Bone

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15 Greatest Doctor Who Cliffhangers Of All Time

51 years + 812 episodes = a whole lot of great cliffhangers!

2 Dec 2014 Christian Bone

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Doctor Who: 10 Times The Doctor Lost

The sonic screwdriver can't fix every situation.

26 Nov 2014 Christian Bone

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10 Scariest Twilight Zone Episodes Ever

Join us as we travel into another dimension...

21 Oct 2014 Christian Bone

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Doctor Who: 10 Best Moments Of Series 8 So Far

So far so good for Capaldi.

30 Sep 2014 Christian Bone

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15 Creepiest Buffy The Vampire Slayer Creatures

A look at the most sinister supernatural citizens of Sunnydale

28 Aug 2014 Christian Bone

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10 Doctor Who Moments Peter Capaldi Can't Be Darker Than

Can you see Peter Capaldi hitting a caveman over the head with a rock?

16 Aug 2014 Christian Bone

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10 Best Harry Potter Villains

Those who use unforgivable curses are, well, unforgivable.

24 Jul 2014 Christian Bone