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My name is Jon, recently graduated media production student. Always on the look out for chances to do what I enjoy and make it count. Writing, filming, animating, editing, radio. My speciality seems to be Doctor Who, years of accumulated knowledge and passion appear to be paying off creatively this being one outlet channel. So thanks for sharing in that with me and offering your support by reading my articles.

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tv BBC 24k views

50 Best Doctor Who Cliffhangers

These were the great moments that people remember, the last thing the kids would have seen before the credits rolled.

14 Jun 2014 Jonathon Carley

tv BBC 65k views

Doctor Who: 15 Most Disastrous Stories Of All-Time

Those times when the strain has taken its toll and standards slipped a bit.

16 Mar 2014 Jonathon Carley

tv The Prop Gallery 23k views

Doctor Who: 10 Props And Costumes That Miraculously Still Exist

With a 50-year lifespan, it's sadly expected that many iconic props will end up in the rubbish, but through some miracle, these survived.

11 Mar 2014 Jonathon Carley

tv BBC 732 views

Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Soundtrack Review

This is a 4 CD collection of music and some sounds that have spanned the last 50 years, going right back to the very beginning right up to the present day.

8 Jan 2014 Jonathon Carley