Batman: Arkham City

influential video game Boss battles

15 Most Influential Video Game Boss Battles Of All Time

From Mike Tyson to Mr. Freeze - who had the most to teach?
By Scott Tailford
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15 Most Important Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

Groundbreaking storylines, BAFTA awards, sensitive subject matter - it's all here.
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The Joker

25 Most Tragic Deaths In Video Game History

Shocking, devastating, and undeserved...
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Batman Arkham City Tea Party

18 Huge WTF Moments In Popular Video Games

WTF were the developers thinking?
By Lee Price
Eater eggs of the decade

20 Best Gaming Easter Eggs Of The Decade (So Far)

What do Kratos, the Batmobile and Star Wars have in common?
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Batman Arkham City Calendar Man

10 Video Game Easter Eggs It Took Years To Find

Was it worth the wait?
By Tom Baker
The Joker

Batman: Arkham Knight - 8 Reasons The Joker Should Stay Dead

Fans are divided when it comes to Batman's greatest villain making a return, but maybe him…
By Robert Kojder
Battle Of The Super Heroes

Batman: 75 Greatest Ever Moments

Happy birthday Batman.
By Simon Gallagher
Batman Arkham Origins Deathstroke Pose

Batman: 6 Existing Characters Who Should Be The Arkham Knight

Many don't realise the titular Arkham Knight is an entirely new character...but who could it…
By Tom Roach
Batman Arkham Knight

Batman Arkham Knight Announced For Next Gen Consoles And PC

The newest entry in the Arkham series is confirmed, and is coming later this year.
By Scott Tailford

7 Most Unique Boss Battles Of All Time

Celebrating the lost art of like, bosses not sucking.
By Red Stewart
Uncharted 2

PS4: 7 Proven Franchises We're Excited To See In The Next Generation

By Matthew Ryder
L A Noire

10 Video Games That Are Perfect For Movie Lovers

By Joshua horner
Skyrim Hearth

10 Greatest Video Games Of The Current Generation

By Nathan The Hedgehog

10 Video Game Baddies You Should Be Ashamed To Kill

By Nathan The Hedgehog
Batman Arkham Origins Med 600x3001

Batman Arkham Origins: 2 Reasons It'll Beat Its Predecessors (And 2 Reasons It Won't)

By Antonio Afragola

8 Video Games With Mind-Blowing Details You Didn't Notice

By Edward Owen
Batman: Arkham City Batman & Joker

Batman Arkham City Reduced To £5 On Steam

By Charlie Oldfield
Batman: Arkham City

Batman: Arkham City 2: 10 Reasons It Will Be Better Than The Prequel

By Sean Michael Hackett

Batman Arkham City Sequel Confirmed For This Year

By Patrick Dane
Dark Souls

Are Games Getting Too Easy?

By Ryan Musker

Batman Arkham City Sequel: 5 Things We Demand To See

But we'll likely still buy it regardless.
By Don Hohner II
harley quinn

Female Gaming Characters As Sex Objects: Is It Time To Get Real?

In an industry trying to be taken seriously as a medium, they go about it the wrong way with…
By Ryan Musker

Batman Arkham City 2: 5 Reasons Justice League Should Be Left Out

Expanding the DC Universe brings up great stories for a new game, but also carries with it…
By Costandinos Karalis

Batman Arkham City Sequel: 5 Storylines We Want To See

With Arkham City and Arkham Asylum making our jaws drop several times, we've come up with some…
By Luke Stevenson

Batman: Arkham Asylum vs Arkham City, Which Game Is Better?

Both are visually stunning and outstanding games to play and enjoy but just which one is the…
By Luke Stevenson

Batman Arkham City Sequel: Where Do We Go From Here?

Mulling over the clues left behind in Batman: Arkham City for where the sequel could go.
By Phillip Luce

Batman Arkham City 2: 10 Ways Justice League Should Be Utilized

Here's how the JLA should be used in Rocksteady's next Batman game.
By Stuart W. Bedford

Batman Arkham City Sequel To Feature Justice League?

There’s news, there’s exciting news, there’s joyous news and then there’s this.
By Stuart W. Bedford

Batman Arkham City Sequel: 6 Ways Rocksteady Can Evolve Gameplay

We break down our vision for how Rocksteady can evolve their Batman franchise, and leave…
By Michael Shelton