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10 Most Influential Style Icons In Pop History

Most iconic dress in the history of music? We'll give you a clue - it's red, white and blue.

18 Jul 2014 Nina Cresswell

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9 Famous Songs That Are Actually Responses To Other Famous Songs

A melodic middle finger hidden in plain sight.

7 Jul 2014 Jacob Trowbridge

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Katy Perry: 10 Things We've Learnt From The Queen Of Pop

Aside from the fact she did once kiss a girl, and can firmly attest to liking it.

29 May 2014 Tom Mankin

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10 Artists That Are Essentially Computer Programs

In 2014 you're more likely to encounter a series of soundbites with a voice just as much as a group of people when listening to the radio.

6 Mar 2014 Craig Manning

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10 Pop-Princesses Who Actually Had Something Worthwhile To Say

Often given short shrift as performers spewed endlessly from the mainstream music machine, many of these artists have been through a lot to get to where they are.

3 Mar 2014 Rachel Joanne Carney

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10 Songs We All Know The Words To (But Wish We Didn't)

'Oh Mickey, what a pity, you don't understand...' NO, STOP IT!

9 Feb 2014 Aisha Din

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18 Most Inspirational Videos Of 2013

The video moments that mattered most in 2013.

5 Jan 2014 Jamie Kline

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Katy Perry 3D: The Dad-Friendly Cut

Someone has just made it a lot easier for chaperoning Dads to enjoy the Katy Perry movie

4 Jul 2012 Simon Gallagher

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Katy Perry - Wide Awake: Music Video Review

Teenage Dream, drained to an inch of it's life, finally draws to a close with goths, labyrinths and skull-clad doctors in what is, despite those nightmarish things, a fairytale ending.

19 Jun 2012 Josh Webb

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Katy Perry Favourite To Play Freddie Mercury's Girlfriend in Biopic?

27-year-old pop singer could play Mercury's long-time girlfriend Mary Austin in GK Films' biopic of the late Queen frontman.

11 Jun 2012 Matt Holmes

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Danni Minogue Returning To The X-Factor

Aussie singer will reportedly replace Kelly Rowland on the panel after a series of talks with Simon Cowell and the show's producers.

29 Apr 2012 Matt Holmes

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Christina Ricci Goes Evil For The Smurfs 2

Will voice Vexi, an evil version of Smurfette in Sony's sequel to their 2011 CGI live-action hybrid.

26 Apr 2012 Neil Tillbrook