Nintendo Wii U

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Wii U: A Hard Sell?

There is a misguided consensus amongst quite a few that Nintendo are directly competing with Sony and Microsoft...

9 Sep 2012 Darren Millard

Black Wii U

Is Wii U Launching in Black?

Trying to work out if the console would launch in black or not has been already been a journey with several twists.

18 Jun 2012 Laura Kate


Wii U E3 Review

So E3 has been and gone, but how did the only new hardware perform? We take a short look back and see how.

10 Jun 2012 Lee Burton


Guff Episode #4 - E3 & Prometheus Special

It's an E3 special this week, with all of the latest announcements from Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony up for discussion. There's also a review of Ridley Scott's eagerly awaited return to Sci-Fi with 'Prometheus'.

8 Jun 2012 Stephen Leigh