Resident Evil 6

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15 Most Disappointing Video Games Since 2000

Come in, sit down. It's okay, we've all been through a lot together.

19 Aug 2014 Scott Tailford

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10 Video Games That Have Epically Failed This Decade

The one common element is that they all catastrophically failed in spite of huge promise.

14 Jun 2014 Jack Pooley

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10 Riskiest Gaming Sequels That Didn’t Pay Off

Read these words: 'Resident Evil 6'. Yup, we shuddered too.

30 May 2014 Sam Coleman

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10 Video Games That Were Great At First (But We Quickly Lost Interest)

The games that were awesome for a day or two, but then starting collecting dust on your shelf.

7 Feb 2014 Sam Coleman

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13 Infamous Mis-Steps That Ruined Iconic Gaming Characters

Or how to lose fans and alienate players.

5 Jan 2014 David Pustansky

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Resident Evil 6 Review: Messy But Great In Parts

Far from the unmitigated disaster some would have us think, Resident Evil 6 is nevertheless as flawed in places as it is excellent in others.

2 Oct 2012 Simon Gallagher

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Resident Evil 6: 5 Reasons It'll Be Better Than Resident Evil 5

Here are 5 reasons why we believe Resident Evil 6 should easily be better than 5.

21 Sep 2012 Beau Jones

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Resident Evil 6: 10 Reasons We Should Give Chris a Chance

Ten reasons we should all just hang fire and give Resident Evil 6 the benefit of the doubt.

21 Sep 2012 Stuart W. Bedford

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Resident Evil 6: Where It Will Succeed and Fail

Resident Evil 6 is due out in a few weeks, but how is the game looking?

19 Sep 2012 Ryan Musker

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Resident Evil 6: 14 Reasons Why It Sucks

14 reasons why Resident Evil 6 sucks...

19 Sep 2012 Shaun Munro

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Resident Evil 6 Achievements Leaked

There are 50 achievements in total with most unlocking as you play through the game's various campaigns.

8 Aug 2012 Amarpal Biring

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10 Most Hotly Anticipated Video Game Sequels

We look forward to ten of the hottest sequel properties coming to consoles in the coming months.

26 Jul 2012 Simon Gallagher

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Resident Evil 6: Where Do We Go From Here?

Maybe we're jumping the gun a little, but we've not been able to stop ourselves from considering the possibilities.

10 Jul 2012 Stuart W. Bedford