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10 Worst Anticlimaxes In WWE History

We're not angry... we're just really disappointed. And angry.

29 Aug 2015 Ben Cooke


10 Most Revolutionary Individuals In Wrestling History

Change is never easy, but sometimes it can be very profitable…

27 Aug 2015 Alexander Podgorski


Backstage Update On Vince McMahon's 70 Birthday Celebration

Was Shane McMahon there?

26 Aug 2015 Grahame Herbert


10 Best WWE Pay-Per-View Intros

Opening video packages that got the blood pumping...

26 Aug 2015 Jamie Kennedy

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9 Reasons For A Vince McMahon 70th Birthday WWE Raw Return

Vince hits 70 this Monday.

22 Aug 2015 Grahame Herbert

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15 Most Shocking Brock Lesnar Quotes About WWE

Not a big fan of Vince McMahon... until five million dollars changed everything.

20 Aug 2015 Grahame Herbert

wwe whatculture

9 Laws Of Physics That Only Exist In Wrestling

Working overtime to help you suspend your disbelief, one helping of technobabble at a time.

18 Aug 2015 Matt O'Connell

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12 Superstars Vince McMahon Broke The WWE Bank For

To hell with a pay structure, McMahon desperately wanted these guys.

13 Aug 2015 Grahame Herbert


10 Glaring Main Event Pushes WWE Missed Out On

These guys could have been top line staples had WWE let them...

11 Aug 2015 Jamie Kennedy


12 Vince McMahon Secrets To Success

"Eat s*** and like it."

11 Aug 2015 Grahame Herbert


WWE Chairman Vince McMahon Is A Billionaire Again

Here comes the money!

7 Aug 2015 John Canton


10 Reasons Why WWE Will Have No Competition By 2020

The McMahon's are going to squash the rest like a bug.

6 Aug 2015 Marcus K. Dowling

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10 Things You Didn't Know About WWE In 2011

What cheap hunt stunt landed Finlay in the unemployment line?

5 Aug 2015 Lewis Howse

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Rey Mysterio Open To WWE Return

Puts over Vince McMahon and says WWE treated him well.

2 Aug 2015 Grahame Herbert

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9 Talking Points From Vince McMahon's WWE Conference Call

Vince tells us how WWE business is doing.

31 Jul 2015 Grahame Herbert

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10 Times Vince McMahon Lost Huge Money In WWE

Billion dollar botches from WWE's Chairman.

29 Jul 2015 Grahame Herbert


10 Most Devastatingly Wasted WWE Storylines

Jake Roberts as the Higher Power anyone?

29 Jul 2015 Martyn Grant

wwe WhatCulture

10 Commandments For The Future Of WWE

Thou shall not...

29 Jul 2015 Marcus K. Dowling

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10 Things That Will Happen In WWE When Vince McMahon Dies

"It’s going to be taken over by his idiotic daughter and his doofus son-in-law" - CM Punk

28 Jul 2015 Grahame Herbert


8 Things We've Learned From The Hulk Hogan Racism Controversy

Hogan will be back in WWE one day. Oh, he'll be back...

27 Jul 2015 Lewis Howse