10 Comic Book Characters That Broke Wolverine

8. The Incredible Hulk

Hulk V Wolverine

In Wolverine's debut, he was tasked by Department H to take down the Incredible Hulk. Over the years, the pair have fought dozens of times, seemingly locked in an eternal battle. Although no one can take punishment better than Wolverine, he usually gets the short end of the stick when the two clash. In their many bouts, Hulk has impaled Wolverine through a tree, nearly ruptured his brain with a thunderclap, and ripped off his claws.

But their craziest battle is when Wolverine was sent by Nick Fury to the Himalayas to bring the Hulk in, this encounter taking place in the Ultimate Universe. When the Jade Giant refused, Wolverine did the one thing you never EVER do... he threatened to sleep with Bruce Banner's partner, Betty Ross. This made Hulk so enraged, he ripped Wolverine in two pieces and then hurled his legs onto the mountain tops.

You might wonder, "How can the Hulk tear Wolverine in half if his skeleton is indestructible?" The answer is very simple; he is the Hulk. No other explanation necessary.

When Hulk realised Wolverine could locate his legs and stick them back onto his body, Hulk tried to track them down so he could eat them.


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