10 Comic Book Characters That Broke Wolverine

9. Matsu'o Tsurayaba

Hulk V Wolverine

You could argue that Logan's true love is Mariko Yashida since she was the first person who could quell his berserker rage. Mariko wanted to marry Wolverine but her crime-lord father, Shingen, ordered her to marry a criminal associate. When Wolverine learned her husband was abusive, he killed him and Shingen, allowing Mariko to inherit her father's criminal empire.

As Mariko prepared for her wedding with Wolverine, she found herself at odds with other criminal groups. The Hand's leader, Matsu'o Tsurayaba, desired to control the Yashida clan and so, had Mariko poisoned with a lethal toxin. Mariko found the pain unbearable, forcing Wolverine to put her out of her misery. Because her clan pressurised Mariko to fulfil her father's duties, she was forced to commit unethical acts, condemning her soul to Hell.

Believing a quick death was too good for Tsurayaba, Wolverine promised to slice off a chunk of Tsurayaba's body on the anniversary of Mariko's death for the rest of his life. Wolverine was true to his word and annually hacked off pieces of Tsurayaba's limbs, chest, and face until his dying day.


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