10 Most Controversial Superman Comics Of All Time

4. Baby Superman - Superman's Girl Friend, Lois Lane #57 (1965)

Superman Wonder Woman
DC Comics

During the 1960s, Superman couldn’t decide whether he should date Lois Lane or his first love, Lana Lang. The two women grew jealous of each other as they tried to win the heart of the Man of Steel.

One day, Lois discovers Superman has been turned into a toddler. Instead of helping him and making sure he doesn't get anyone killed, Lois and Lana try to condition him to be infatuated with them.

Lois shows the Superbaby pictures of Superman rescuing her throughout the years and hypnotises him to write, “ME LOVE LOIS” on a blackboard over and over.

Lana encourages him to put a ring on her finger over and over, believing he will instantly marry her the second he reverts to his adult form.

Since Supes is a child, he is prone to tantrums, forcing the women to discipline him when he's naughty. They spank him with a tennis racket and a hair brush, causing the utensils to shatter against his impervious body.

When the women bump into an adult Superman, they realise the baby they've been looking after was from a parallel universe, meaning all their schemes were for nothing. And, coincidentally, also incredibly disturbing, painting both women as outright villains.

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