10 Most Embarrassing Spider-Man Moments

9. Trying To Beat Up Superman - Superman Meets The Amazing Spider-Man

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DC Comics/Marvel Comics

There are many markers of a man having a...less than impressive intellect, and trying to take on the Man of Steel is pretty damn high on that list. Fortunately, Spidey lives in the Marvel universe, so he pretty much never has to worry about that. Right?

Well, no. See, back when Marvel and DC's rivalry was friendlier, they decided to make a big crossover between their most iconic characters, especially seeing as how Gerry Conway had loads of experience writing both characters. With the stars aligning like this, it was only natural that DC and Marvel jumped on it.

And, of course, Conway is a man who knows what the people want, so it doesn't take long for Spidey and Supes to come to blows. The resulting fight is one of the best hero vs hero fights out there, with brilliant choreography and clever use of scene geography, as Spidey is powered by red sun radiation by a hiding Lex Luthor to give him that extra edge. Because, as Spidey learns when that radiation goes away, he's little more than a nuisance to Superman.

Short a moment as it is, the image of Spidey just wailing uselessly away at Superman's indestructible six-pack is just plain hilarious.


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