10 Things You Didn't Know About The Mighty Thor

9. What If? Worthy

The Mighty Thor Jane Foster Death
Marvel Comics

In What If? #10, Dr. Donald Blake and nurse Jane Foster are in Norway, but this time - in a spin on Thor's origins - it was Jane that became trapped in the cave. She found the cane and struck it against the wall where it turned into Mjolnir and turned her into a female Thor, whom she called the more feminine name of Thordis. Jane stopped the alien invasion, saved Donald Blake, and transformed back into the dutiful nurse before the doctor was any the wiser.

Upon returning to America, Jane crafted the cane into a more convenient hairbrush handle and, as Thordis, began fighting supervillains and even helped form the Avengers. She battled Loki and returned him to Asgard, where Odin was shocked that a woman was wielding Mjolnir instead of his son. Sif had been having Heimdall keep an eye on Blake and traveled to Midgard to save him from drowning, and the pair fell in love.

Bringing all parties to Asgard to clear up all the mistakes, Odin requests that Thordis give Mjolnir to Thor, its “rightful owner.” Odin made Jane Foster an Asgardian goddess, invited her to live among them in Asgard, and eventually married her, making her the Queen of the Norse Gods.


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