10 Times Captain America Outsmarted Everyone

9. Kicking Wolverine Out Of A Plane

Captain America Hiding
Marvel Comics

Okay, so kicking Wolverine out of a plane admittedly doesn't sound all that impressive at first - as basic hand-eye coordination is a skill which mercifully doesn't involve incredible intelligence.

But Cap's decision to dramatically get rid of the mutant in Avengers vs. X-Men is surprisingly tactical. After taking the human weapon with his team to find Hope Summers, Captain America reveals that he has done so because he doesn't trust Logan to not kill the girl, resulting in a fight that sees Cap order Giant-Man to eject Wolverine forcibly from the plane.

The fact that Steve merely says 'now' to Sharon does suggest that the two had pre-planned this fight, and had intended to leave Wolverine stranded out in the middle of nowhere as a safety precaution from the moment they all boarded the plane. It's maybe not his most honest moment, but there's not many other ways to peacefully get rid of Logan without the X-Men knowing, so it's a smart plan nonetheless.


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