10 Underrated X-Men Characters Marvel Should Totally Be Using

9. Indra

Indra X-Men
Marvel Comics

Indra is a fairly recent addition to the X-Men lore, and has largely been seen as one of the students milling around the Xavier School in the background, and rarely in the forefront of the action. However, when he has been given that chance, we’ve seen an interesting take on moral complexity and struggling with powers.

Indra, real name Paras Gavaskar, is an Indian teenager with the mutant ability to generate armour and offensive weaponry en masse. He also happens to be Jain, a religion that has a strong tenet of absolute non-violence.

This creates an interesting new look at the mutant who hates his powers story arc. Normally, it’s mutants with initially rubbish looking powers, or with seemingly tactically useless powers but they want to be X-Men who would get such an arc. But with Indra, we have a character with pretty cool and tactically advantageous abilities that loathes to use them as it goes against their very faith. It’s a complex and intriguing new angle to look at, and has been briefly explored before by writers such as Mike Carey.

Sadly, the character often then promptly finds himself back in the background and not getting the limelight to follow that thread.


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