10 Worst Things Cyclops Has Ever Done

10. Almost Killing A Ton Of Children

Marvel Comics

Within the pages of the collective X-Men comics, there are just enough occasions where Cyclops narrowly evades killing children to raise some very serious red flags somewhere in the back of your mind.

A prime example of this lies in X-Factor #35, which saw the hero team throw hands in a child-filled cryogenic chamber against a bunch of villains with reflective armour - something that Cyclops warms against, as he fires an energy beam at an enemy that then begins to bounce around the room.

In doing so, he narrowly misses zapping several of the children, in a move that could have resulted in some mass-murdered frozen kids.

The fact that Cyclops simultaneously recognises the danger of fighting in said room, and then immediately endangers all the children in there by doing so anyway, is as ironic as it is kind of a terrible move morally.


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