8 X-Men Characters You Didn't Realise Had Died

6. Cable

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Marvel Comics

Usually Cable is more X-Force than X-Men, but he certainly applies for this list. Cable is a militaristic leader from a far away future, so in that way maybe it isn't that much of a surprise that he's died more than a couple times. But he keeps finding a way back.

Maybe it's because Cable's death feels inevitable - a future man who lives by spitting in the face of danger is certain to have a high mortality rate - but his absences from the book have always felt unreal. There's the time he was lost in a time vortex fighting his evil clone. There was the time he was shot in the head by Deadpool. There's even the time he gave his life to protect his daughter, Hope Summers. Cable "dies" a lot, but you just know he'll find a way back and that makes each death less memorable as a whole.

Even in current continuity, the Cable we are accustomed to seeing was killed by a kid version of himself who takes his place. If only that was the most confusing thing about this character...


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