10 Abysmally Terrible PS4 Video Games

8. Godzilla

Life of Black Tiger

How hard can it possibly be to make a Godzilla game that just delivers the basic goods?

It's telling that this game was developed for the PS3 as its lead platform, because the PS4 version both looks and plays years behind the times, and at certain moments - especially where the environments are concerned - could even pass as a late PS2/early PS3-era release. Oof.

Furthermore, the combat is sluggish and unsatisfying, the controls are awkward, and the criminal lack of local co-op functionality is embarrassing for a fighting game.

A lot can be forgiven if a game is fun, but Godzilla renders monster-on-monster mayhem inexplicably tedious with low-effort gameplay and presentation that feels like it was hastily cobbled together in a few short months.

The King of the Monsters deserves so, so much better than this.

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