10 Annoying Video Game Enemies WHO STOLE YOUR ITEMS!

9. Like Likes - The Legend Of Zelda: Oracle Of Ages

Klepto The Condor

Like Likes have long been a pain for any Zelda fan, as they take (and then eat) your equipment with serious relish.

However, some games take this further than others. While the first Legend of Zelda only had Like Likes steal your magical shields, they became increasingly more troublesome - in some other instalments stealing any shield you might have on your person.

The most annoying of these (thus far) comes in Oracle of Ages. Oracle of Ages is the first Legend of Zelda game that had the strange little critters be capable of destroying all your possible shields, regardless of what they are.

The annoying part of this is that, obviously, you kind of need a shield. So when the one you were using gets yoinked - and your only choice at this point is to go and purchase one from the local shop - we hope you've been hanging onto your rupees just in case.

Oh, did I mention they can steal and eat shields you don't even have equipped? Because they can do that too.


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