10 Awesome Secret Endings In Recent Video Games

Reload that save IMMEDIATELY.

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As in any medium, an ending can make or break a video game - get it right and you've placed a firm cherry on top of an unforgettable gaming experience, but get it wrong and you can taint dozens of hours of fun for players.

But the beauty of video games being an interactive medium is the ability to offer up dynamic, vastly different endings to players depending on the paths they take throughout the story.

Many developers also love to include secret endings likely to be discovered by only the most attentive and die-hard fans, serving as a neat reward for their patience and commitment.

These endings can lend shocking context to the overarching story or be mere throwaway gag Easter eggs, and are generally attained "the hard way" by few, most of us watching videos of them online instead.

These 10 recent video games served up surprising, rewarding, and deeply bizarre secret endings which passed the overwhelming majority of players by, but gave their stories additional closure, hinted at potential sequels, and above all else certainly kept fans talking...

10. Agent 47 Wakes Up In The First Game's Asylum - Hitman 3

assassins creed valhalla
IO Interactive

Hitman 3 ends with players being given a choice of how to deal with Arthur Edwards aka The Constant - you can either kill him or inject him with a memory-wiping serum.

Which ever route you go, the broad beats of the ending are more-or-less the same, with Diana dismantling the shadowy secret society Providence and Agent 47 returning to the work he does best.

But there is a secret ending which can be unlocked by picking up the serum to inject Edwards and just... doing nothing.

Wait for about a minute and Edwards will encourage you to instead inject the serum into yourself, followed by a prompt allowing you to do so.

Jabbing yourself leads to Agent 47 passing out and waking up in a padded room clearly intended to resemble the asylum from the very first Hitman game, implying that the events of Hitman 3 lead directly into 2000's Hitman: Codename 47.

Obviously this ending is in no way canonical because it doesn't really make much sense when you break it down, but it is a fun Easter egg ending for long-time fans of the franchise regardless.


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