10 Awesome Secret Endings In Recent Video Games

9. Glitched Six - Little Nightmares II

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Tarsier Studios

Little Nightmares II is one of the year's most gleefully deranged games, and concludes with a mind-melting twist ending where Six drops protagonist Mono into a chasm, where Mono is shown to grow into one of the game's primary skin-crawling antagonists, The Thin Man.

But players who collect all 18 glitched children sneakily hidden throughout the game will received a secret extended ending, where Six emerges from a TV and is met with a static doppelganger of herself.

After a moment the camera pulls back to show a poster which clearly contains a drawing of the Maw, the setting from the first Little Nightmares, seeming to suggest that this sequel - or at least some of the events contained therein - are actually set before the original.

Both the original and extended endings left enough hanging to comfortably set up a third game, but with developer Tarsier Studios recently announcing that they're done with the franchise, there's sadly no guarantee we'll ever get a follow-up.


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