10 Best Console Games On Xbox Game Pass Right Now

9. Nier: Automata

Xbox Game Pass
Platinum Game

The reputation of Nier: Automata speaks for itself, with the Xbox version received 'universal acclaim' according to Metacritic. Telling a complex tale of artificial intelligence over multiple playthroughs, this PlatinumGames title is arguably one of the most ambitious of recent gaming history, and certainly pulls off the most part of that ambition and potential.

Automata's story is set during a proxy war fought between human-constructed androids and machine invaders of alien origin. To say more would divulge too much information concerning the different playthroughs and other such aspects of the game best left to be experienced than heard about, however suffice to say, Automata is the perfect title for those looking for in-depth story-heavy titles.

Few games so intimately tie together story and mechanics, especially such formal qualities as playthroughs and other traditionally neutral elements of gaming structures. The result is a truly unique gaming experience, though one liable to require some commitment and that might turn off some players. Those who do stick with Nier: Automata, and give it the time it deserves, will find themselves richly rewarded with a true standout of modern game design.

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