10 Best Nintendo Switch Games (So Far)

10. Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Shovel Knight
Yacht Club

From being Kickstarter-backed as a promise to deliver a retro SNES-style platformer - and now the best new video game hero of the decade so far - Shovel Knight has gone from strength to strength.

Launching in 2014 as the single Shovel Knight campaign - one that was a pixel-perfect mix of platforming, treasure-collecting and an endless charm offensive - Yacht Club promptly began fleshing out their world of Knights and fantasy tropes.

Shovel Knight plague of Shadows
Yacht Club Games

Now, the 'Treasure Trove' is a veritable mix of everything from the last three years. There are three separate campaigns featuring the bouncing, power-up flinging Shovel Knight, the brew-your-own-potion attacks of Plague Knight, and the sombre, prequel tale of Specter Knight.

Together they're one hell of a package, replete with local co-op (perfect on the Switch) and various challenge modes, but coming soon is a final campaign from King Knight, and a Super Smash Bros.-influenced Battle Mode.

shovel knight specter knight
Yacht Club

It literally couldn't be more at-home on the Switch if the gallant Knight was a Nintendo exclusive, and with this level of charm, accessibility and cultural staying power, he might as well be.

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