10 Best Video Game Power-Ups Ever

7. Telekinesis – BioShock

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Moving away from Nintendo and the more retro games, BioShock also contains its own forms of power-ups through the likes of Plasmids. These are injections located throughout Rapture, either bought, found or unlocked via the story, that offer very unique abilities.

The genius, now crazy scientists of Rapture kept themselves busy, offering these Plasmids to citizens of the undersea city. Fire throwing, electricity zapping, among others. Most importantly, though, is telekinesis.

As of now it sounds quite boring and overdone but at the time of BioShock’s release in 2007, the amount of things you could do with it, as well as all the other Plasmids, were new stuff. However, the reason why telekinesis really makes our list is because of a certain exploit, one that speedrunners are particularly big fans of.

On lower difficulties, flinging random objects with this power will shred through almost all types of enemies in one hit. On higher difficulties it becomes a little less effective but just as helpful considering you’ll have less ammo and be doing less damage.

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