10 Biggest Gaming Controversies Of 2017 (So Far)

Cultural appropriation, religious outrage, bad animation - we've had it all this year.

2017 Video Games

2017 has been a great year for games. Between new console launches, bombastic E3 announcements and GOTY candidates dropping every other week, there's been a surprising amount of positive news in this first half of the year, and we've still got the biggest months to come.

But just because there's been a lot to enjoy so far doesn't mean that 2017 has been any less controversial than any of the years that came before it. The industry is still plagued by the same problems that have haunted the entire console generation so far, and botched releases, questionable developer actions and fan outrage has still dominated the news over these past seven months.

Also it hasn't helped that in the current political and social climate any little thing can be transformed into a sensational controversy seemingly overnight. Hell, even a journalist breaking a story about a game delay before it's official can lead to drama and death threats these days. Outrage over anything and everything has become commonplace, and it's only made the already over-the-top gaming industry even more volatile in 2017.

10. Everything About Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered

2017 Video Games

Modern Warfare Remastered is reflective of everything that's wrong with the video game industry today.

The remaster of one of the most beloved shooters of all time was released last year bundled with the collector's edition of Infinite Warfare, meaning that you had to pay almost double the price if you wanted to get your hands on it. Oh, and they made sure that nobody could pick up the game separately without also owning Infinite Warfare, as you needed to have that disc inserted to even boot up MW Remastered.

That's bad enough, but the game released lacking some of the original multiplayer maps, with the remainder of these levels being added in a few months later. Even then though Modern Warfare's DLC maps were nowhere to be seen - at least until Activison revealed that they were re-selling them on top of the base game for even more money than when they were originally released nearly 10 years ago.

And the saga still continues today, with an individual release of the remastered title (without DLC of course) being made available to PlayStation 4 owners, and PlayStation 4 owners only.

By being greedy, Activision ruined what could have been the most successful remaster ever.


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