10 Brilliant Video Games That Surprised Everyone - Commenter Edition

9. Titanfall 2

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Electronic Arts

After the original Titanfall's serviceable-yet-forgettable entry as a multiplayer-only Xbox One system seller, no one expected its sequel not only to be fantastic, but to present one of the finest single-player shooter campaigns in an entire decade.

Centring around the surprisingly effective relationship between a soldier and his giant stompy robot, Titanfall 2's story sees an entire star system at war, with both primary factions displaying a great deal of nuance and moral ambiguity. Protagonist Jack Cooper, a low-level rifleman for the Frontier Militia - a noble resistance or terrorist organisation depending on who you ask - inherits a titan from a fallen Militia member, also taking on its final mission.

The gameplay accompanying the gripping plot is also stellar, with an interesting dichotomy between 2 gameplay styles. On-foot sections as Cooper are highly mobile and fast-paced, with levels offering a great deal of verticality, exploration and classic first-person-shooter combat.

These segue into destructive, cathartic set-pieces aboard BT-7274, the aforementioned titan, launching salvos of miles and all manner of heavy munitions against swarms of infantry and hostile mechs alike. Its execution was polished and thrilling, especially after the game's predecessor failed to set the world alight.


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