10 Brilliantly Written Characters Ruined By Game Mechanics

9. Brynjolf - The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

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Brynjolf's character in Skyrim plays the perfect supporting role throughout the entirety of the Thieves Guild questline. He starts off as the man who introduces Dragonborn into the guild, then becomes a sort of mentor figure for them, and then finally a trusted companion that will follow you anywhere, no matter how ridiculous or crazy things can get.

Brynjolf's development throughout the quests is honestly one of the better parts of the Theives Guild storyline. When you finish all of it, it feels as though the two of you have gone through a lot together, and you can count Brynjolf among your closest friends in all of Skyrim.

Well, expect that you can't because he cannot be your companion, and since he's not a quest-giving NPC either, every time you talk with him, he will just respond with a quick "I'm busy" and then proceed to ignore you. In fact, because Brynjolf doesn't have a lot of voicelines after you become the leader of the Thieves Guild, he'll be telling you that he's too busy to talk to you all the time.

And just like that, the guy who literally joined a cult just to help you becomes an insufferable tool.


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