10 Changes All Future Pokémon Games Need To Make

9. More Expansive Post-Games

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It is possible that the series hit a peak with post-games in Black 2 & White 2.

The game already had a massive amount of content to delve into before finishing the game, but it capped that off with a wide variety of tasks and areas to explore afterward. This is vital to most games, giving them enough to do after the credits roll. Most main stories run out quick, so having options to entertain the player indefinitely can sell a game.

However, X & Y suffered from having almost no post-game.

A small subplot, one new city, and capturing five legendary Pokémon is all they had to offer. It's the kind of stuff that's wrapped up in less than a day, and Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire are nearly as bad. The Delta Episode, the primary post-game quest, devolves into a couple of battles and flying back and forth through the region, turning the quest into something utterly tedious.

There was a decent amount of post-game in Sun & Moon, but if they could return to treasure trove of content like BW2, it'd propel the games forward immensely.

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