10 Classic Video Games You Didn’t Realise Had Sequels

8. Okamiden

Jak and Daxter: The Last Frontier
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Do you know how you can tell when a game is underrated? Okami won a ton of awards (including a BAFTA), and is regarded as a classic, and yet people still complain it's unappreciated.

And these complainers... are right. Okami isn't good or great. It's a work of art. The motion controls are magnificent. The woodcut, watercolour composition is gorgeous. Every song, mechanic, and character is designed to perfection.

But because Clover Studio's action-adventurer underperformed, its creator, Hideki Kamiya, stated that development on the announced follow-up had been put on hold indefinitely. The gaming community was heartbroken by this news, believing they would never get the chance to revisit the world of Okami.

Although it never received a direct sequel, Okami did inspire a spiritual successor called Okamiden. Even though it follows the same beats as the original and doesn't come close to matching it, Okamiden is a wonderful pseudo-sequel that deserves just as much love as its predecessor.

Sadly, few have played Okamiden, since it's only available on the Nintendo DS. Because its gameplay is tied directly to the touchscreen mechanics, Okamiden can't really be ported to other systems, which is why few people have played or heard of it.


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